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Anabaptist world article on Mennonite involvement in Gaza: We grieve for Gaza

Mennonite Action -a call for ceasefire: Mennonite Action webpage

Relationship with Gaza YMCA

Letter to the Editor Goshen News October 2023

NEW April 25 + Bernie Sanders on Gaza and protest

The horrific violence in Gaza and Israel is spinning out of control. Every death is a tragedy. Violence won’t produce peace or justice in this profoundly troubled land but only adds to wounds inflicted over many decades. Some in the U.S. news media call the attacks by Hamas “unprovoked.” Yet the Israeli government has created an apartheid (separate) system that confines Palestinians with limited access to water, power, and transit. This includes massive walls and regular incursions by Israeli soldiers into Palestinian areas creating back-and-forth violence.

Most people injured/killed over the years are Palestinian. Many are imprisoned with no charges or due process for months or years. Despite this, the U.S. government considers Israel a democratic ally worthy of billions of dollars in aid annually. The recent hostage-taking or killing of non-combatant Israeli citizens is wrong but is the response of an oppressed, desperate people.

I was privileged to visit Palestine and Israel this past June with a group from Indiana Center for Middle East Peace based in Ft. Wayne. We discovered people of faith who share a common background in Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar deeply committed to peace. They are working with passion and creativity to raise new generations who can live and work together in harmony.

We also saw the continued theft of Palestinian land by Israeli settlements, a blatant violation of international law preventing paths to peace through shared land. This blatant land grab is supported by many U.S. evangelical Christians.

We met people like Christian farmer Daoud Nassar whose “Tent of the Nations” is constantly pressured by Israeli settlers. His motto: “We refuse to be enemies.”

Please pray for the fulfillment of Jesus’ words: “Blessed are the peacemakers.” Read The Other Side of the Wall by Lutheran pastor Munther Isaac.

And consider joining the movement.

David Janzen, Goshen

FOH in Israel

Following encouragement from our Pastor, and approval of the congregation, three FoH members explored developing a relationship with Christians in Gaza through the Mennonite Palestinian Israeli Network program ( The goal of MennoPIN is to “work for peace, justice, and reconciliation in the world”, specifically in the contentious area of Gaza, Israel, and the West Bank. The specific unit of our engagement is called the “Mennonite Twinning with Gaza,” (For more information contact Michael George at moc.liamtoh|55emegroeg#moc.liamtoh|55emegroeg.) There are few Christians and churches in Gaza, most of us in the Mennonite Church connect with social service or health facility representatives.
Since October 2020, we have been meeting over Zoom with representatives of the Gaza YMCA, whose leaders are both Christian and Moslem. Our one-hour conversations twice a month include personal sharing about family, sometimes including our children and spouses, virtual tours of YMCA program areas, and the challenges of daily life where travel is greatly restricted, and electrical power is regularly unavailable. We have also been allowed to witness outside events such as an intergenerational tug-of-war and their Christmas tree lighting ceremony. The Gaza Y offers programs familiar to anyone who has been involved at a local Y: recreation, arts and crafts, youth development and family building activities. Special emphasis is given to the “psycho-social” needs of youth facing the stress of uncertain daily lives.
We responded to the damage the YMCA suffered in the June 2021 bombing of Gaza by the Israeli military, after rockets sent by Hamas landed in Israel, by raising money and consciousness that included letters to our congressional representatives and the Department of State. This round of violent resulted in deaths of hundreds of Gaza residents and a few Israelis along with many buildings destroyed. -David Janzen
At the end of each conversation, one feels both amazed and encouraged by the resilience of our Gaza friends, and heartbroken over their suffering. The virtual space we share during these meetings is indeed Holy ground.

Gaza connections: Twinning

About Mennopin

Benjamin Isaak-Krauss The Power of Nonviolent Resistance

MCC -the work in Ukraine

Emily Lowen-Ukraine dairies

the Re-Membering Garden


With neighbors in South Central Elkhart, we hope to establish a garden intended to honor the Potawatomi people who tended this land for centuries, and the Black families who created a vibrant community on the Elkhart’s South Side a hundred years ago. Our hope is that this might be a place that welcomes anyone, to come alone to be quiet, or to gather with others for conversation, fellowship or worship.

Not just for people, may this be a place where all God’s creatures find life, relationship, and harmony, whether trees, flowers, birds, or insects. All are invited to help make this a habitation of peace and simple beauty

MennoMedia has a Salt and Light curriculum that currently points to and asks the questions we have been facing into. these videos are intended to assist the teachers of the Sunday School classes but useful for any of us.

Stewarding the land we occupy

Land stewardship session 2 with Lana Miller

Dismantling the Doctrine of Discovery

The Repair Network:Sarah Augustine and Katerina Gea -Dismantling the Doctrine of Discovery lifestream -starts at about 4 minutes

Potawatomi-Miami trail in Elkhart County


Seeking The Beloved Community Men's Breakfast

Conversation and listening the 1st Saturday of the month at 8:00. Conversations range from gun violence in our neighborhood, racism, peace and justice issues, and listening to each other's stories


photos from the monthly men's breakfast
2023 photos


Walking with the imprisoned

Several persons have been active in jail ministry or walking beside incarcerated and formerly incarcerated persons

Contact Sam Yoder for more information


The Poor Peoples Campaign

several Fellowship of Hope members are active participants in this action. You are invited to get acquainted with this movement at their website:
The Poor Peoples Campaign website

This is a video featuring Rev Dr William Barber II:How to have a meeting


Church Community Services

Fellowship of Hope is an active supporter of CCS both with volunteer work and financial contributions. Since the beginning of FOH members have been involved in this local Elkhart ministry serving as staff persons, board members or as volunteers.

Church Community Services Website

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Thrift at Woodland Crossing grand opening

We Thrive -Elkhart

a number of members actively follow the local government meetings and agenda. The following links relate to current Elkhart planning:

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